Installation Guide

Social distancing barrier
The base weights are designed with a carrying handle and weigh less than 16.8 kg each. Refer to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) for guidance on safe lifting and be certain to only lift what you are comfortable with.
Safe distancing barrier
For safe zoning and cordoning off working areas measure a two metres distance from the desired area. Position the base at this point, placing it down outwards, away from the body as shown, with the D-marc™ logo facing away from the hazard.
Social distancing fence
Insert the D-marc 105 upright into base ensuring the integrated hook for the chain is on the side facing the hazard. The upright base plate must fit flush into the weighted base.
queuing barrier
Lift the base to reveal the underside.
Social distancing barrier
First place the repair washer, then the spring washer & finally the wing nut onto the exposed threaded pin & hand tighten until the flat plate on the post fits snuggly against the rubber base.
Safe distancing barrier
Thread the first link on the chain through the top section of the upright and position onto the integrated hook. Continue by feeding the opposing end of the chain through the adjacent upright until the sag in the chain is approximately 100 mm below the horizontal then attach the intermediate link to the hook.
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