About the System


D-marc have developed a safe distancing barrier to keep people safely distanced from each other as they go about their lives both at work andin leisure.

The D-Marc social distancing system is made up of 4 simple to install components;
• The base – a 16.8Kg recycled rubber non-penetrative base.
• The upright – 950mm high trapezoidal construction, manufactured from 304 stainless steel with an orange powder coated finish.
• The chain – 25m bag of orange & black polyethylene chain
• The connector link – split link used to join lengths of chain

Where ever social distancing is required designers / duty holders are tasked with creating a safe zone / route D-Marc demarcation provides a safe distancing barrier following the doctrine “prevention is better than cure”.

D-Marc 105 can be used both internally & externally and has been wind tunnel tested resisting wind speeds in excess of 105 mph.

Safe distancing barrier
queuing barrier

queuing barrier
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