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D-marc have developed the D-i.D tag to meet the needs of Safety Installer & Safety Inspection & Testing companies who require a robust tag holder that will both hold & protect the safety critical information contained within.

The D-i.D Tag system comprises Four simple components;

1. The D-i.D Tag holder. A Translucent polypropelene 2 part component joined with a flexible hinge. The Polypropelene used is of a UV Stable variety to both prolongue product life & protect the Tag held within. The Tag holder measures 205mm x 65mm x 5mm and is sold in boxes of 50. The tag holder comes complete with the D-i-D warning sticker insert pre-installed (Fig 1).

2. The D-i-D warning sticker insert (pre-installed within the Tag holder). This insert has a dual function; firstly in the event that the i.D tag is removed (either intentionally or otherwise) - the sticker will warn the end user NOT to use the piece of equipment / system. This insert can be designed to include company contact details & a system /item refence number if required. Secondly, the sticker creates an opaque back to the D-i.D tag holder, to ensure that in the event of the Tag holder spinning, the end user would always know to turn the holder over to make the front face visible to view the Safety Critical information contained within. (Fig 2)

3. The I.D tag. The D-i.D tag holder is designed to receive an i.D tag insert which measures 163mm x 50mm. (Fig 3)

4. A pair of cable ties. (Fig 4)

D-Marc: Barrier for Flat Roof

Fig 1

D-Marc: Post and Chain Barrier

Fig 2

Post and chain barrier

Fig 3

D-Marc: Roof Edge Demarcation

Fig 4

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