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November 12 2020 0comment(s)

War Memorials of the World

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With the recent observance of Remembrance Day across the Commonwealth, otherwise known as Armistice Day or Veteran's Day in other parts of the world, multiple ceremonies have been held across the world in front of memorials to the dead lost in those terrible wars. With our attention once again being brought to those who sacrificed everything for us, we thought we would write an article about some of the world's most significant war memorials.


The Motherland Calls, Russia


November 10 2020 0comment(s)

How to know if Your Management isn’t aligned with Your Safety Culture

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Developing a strong safety culture for your workplace can be very challenging if your management isn’t aligned with your safety goals and ideas. But how can you know if the management’s behaviours are the reason for your failing safety culture? Well, we’ve prepared a list of some of the tell-tale signs that your lack of positive results in your safety program is as a result of external factors, particularly the management team.

They Send Mixed Messages


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