Design & Specification


Wherever roof access is required designers are tasked with creating a safe route to and from the workplace. D-marc demarcation provides a collective demarcation protection solution following the doctrine “prevention is better than cure”.

The demarcation system is to be placed a safe distance from the fall hazard (normally >2m).

Barrier for flat roof

A system to provide a safe route to/from an access stair.

Flat roof Demarcation

A system to provide a safe area for regular maintenance.


  • Manufacturer: D-marc Ltd; | Tel: 0114 285 2203
  • System reference: D-marc 105 Wind Resistant Roof Demarcation barrier system
  • Components:
    • D-marc 105 barrier base, re-cycled Rubber (16.8 kg) 500 x 500 x 72mm
    • D-marc 105 barrier upright powder coated 304 stainless steel (600g) 960 x 50 x 50mm.
    • D-marc 105 barrier chain, polyethylene 6mm (25m)
    • D-marc 105 connector link, polyethylene 6mm (to join multiple lengths of chain as required)

Images of the Roof barrier System we have supplied:

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