Great Ideas to Take Advantage of Your Flat Roof Design

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Great Ideas to Take Advantage of Your Flat Roof Design

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Flat roofs usually have more usable space that opens up a world of opportunities that you can take advantage of. This can be a great way to increase your property value and boost its curb appeal. Below are some of the ideas you can create some great outdoor areas on your rooftop. Please read on.


  1. A Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens are quickly gaining popularity as more building owners are adopting eco-friendly and energy-efficient roofing systems. These systems allow you to plant vegetation that helps cool the air and create a beautiful, living outdoor area above your roof. You can also grow vegetables for your own use. The roofs can create a natural barrier against noise pollution, save energy by lowering heating and cooling costs, decrease the “heat island effect”, and help preserve biodiversity, among other benefits.


  1. An Outdoor Lounge

Any apartment complex can look spectacular with an outdoor lounge on its roof. It can be a great way to improve your property’s appeal and at the same time provide residents with an amazing place to relax and bury their stress for the day. You can add some potted plants, outdoor lounge chairs, and a barbecue pit to establish a beautiful oasis that people will easily fall in love with.


  1. A Sports Center

Perhaps you must have come across sports centres designed on the roofs at some point in your life. They look amazing, right? You can consider converting that empty space to a sports centre to include swimming, volleyball, racquetball, and tennis sports facilities. This can be a great way to offer your residents a go-to place to unwind and play. Plus, it helps raise the value of your property and it’s demand, as well.


  1. A Workout Area

You can convert your roof area to a nice fitness centre to avoid sacrificing any indoor space. Exercise is good for our health. The residents will not only appreciate having workout facilities but they’ll be working out in true luxury. You can add some relaxing furniture where they can rest in between and after the workouts.


  1. A Deck

In most apartments, decks are often established in limited spaces such as balconies. The rooftop can open up a wide amount of unused space to set up a communal deck for your residents. You can make it even more interesting by adding a few potted trees, outdoor tables, and some outdoor lighting to provide an ideal environment where residents can go to socialize and dine.


The Bottom Line

There are a lot of ideas to convert the unused space on your rooftop to something of value. These are just some of the common ideas that you can implement. Whichever option you’ll take, it’s vital to have fall protection, such as wind resistant demarcation, in place to keep you and the residents safe when on the roof. Roofs also have a maximum weight capacity that they can hold. You need to be careful not to exceed this capacity when implementing any of the ideas above to prevent avoidable roof problems such as leaks.

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