World's Most Elevated Buildings

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World's Most Elevated Buildings

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Have you ever visited a cabin in the mountains? While the heights can be somewhat dizzying, the views are well worth it. A little bit of altitude can really add to a building's beauty and enhance the visitors' experience. In today's article, we are going to look at some of the most beautiful and high-up buildings in the world. Read on, and perhaps find some inspirations for future trips.


Kropfenstein Castle, Switzerland

The origins of this Swiss castle are unknown, as no records remain to tell us when or how it was built. Based on what records do exist mentioning the castle, we guess that the castle was built in the 1200s, as the Counts of Kropfenstein first began to appear in 14th century writings. The castle itself is built high in the mountains of the Swiss alps and, fascinatingly, is cut into the rock of the mountainside itself. To reach Kropfenstein Castle, you have to follow a mountain path, but don't worry - there are plenty of queueing barriers to keep visitors safe on the climb up!


Lycian Tombs, Turkey

The Lycian Tombs were carved into the Anatolian mountains thousands of years ago, before the current inhabitants of Turkey moved into the region, even before the country's former Greek rulers colonised the coast. Built by the ancient Lycian people and later conquered by the Achaemenid empire of Persia, the Lycian Tombs carry over 3000 years of history within their halls. For those fascinated by Iron Age history, the Lycian Tombs are a must-see chance to experience ancient history in the modern age.


Otzi Peak, Italy

Otzi Peak is situated 3,251 metres above sea level, standing tall in South Tyrol in the north of Italy. Otzi Peak was built by Network of Architecture, an architectural studio (no surprises there) at the top of a glacial ridge in the Alps. Otzi Peak was designed specifically to not touch the ground as much as possible as the architects believed that this would create a more mystical and exciting experience for visitors - if you ever visit Otzi Peak, make sure to climb atop the curving platform and experience the beautiful mountaintop views for yourself.

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