Working on Roofs – Stay Safe with our Roof Walker System

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Working on Roofs – Stay Safe with our Roof Walker System

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Because we have such a comprehensive knowledge of the dangers presented when working on roofs, whether to carry out roofing maintenance work or other maintenance work at that location we take safety seriously.  Here at D-marc we’ve designed a roof walker system that can easily be installed without needing to fix it or penetrate the roof surface in any way.  Our Roofwalker is fabricated from an anti-slip material that is fully recycled to ensure that it’s safe for the environment.  The material is supplied in individual tiles (each of which is 100 cm x 60 cm x3 cm) which are black in colour with a contrasting yellow stripe along both edges to delineate the safe walkway for users.  Each tile weighs 18 kg and is able to spread the pressure of a person’s weight.

The Roofwalker tile system can be placed directly onto the surface of the roof without causing any damage and are designed to enable the flow of water beneath them so that the roofing material below doesn’t suffer any water damage.  The Roofwalker tiles can be clipped together (using the bespoke clips provided) in a configuration which can be tailored to the individual situation in order to provide a continuous, anti-slip walkway, offering safe access to carry out maintenance work where necessary.

Working at height is a dangerous business, even here in the UK where we have stringent rules and regulations designed to minimise the risk of injury.  Falls through fragile roofs and fragile roof lights are often the cause of serious injury or even death and account for a fifth of all fatal accidents which are the result of a fall from height in the construction industry here in the UK.  Most deaths that are caused by a fall through a roof surface take place amongst those working in the building maintenance sector.  These falls generally occur when workers are carrying out small, short term maintenance or cleaning jobs.  Most of these falls take place when working on the roofs of factories, farm buildings and warehouses when repair work or cleaning tasks are being undertaken.

If you’re a business owner with premises that necessitate maintenance work to be carried out on the roof, then you have a duty of care to your worker to protect them from the risks involved.  Our roof walker system provides you with a safe and cost effective method of making this type of work at height safer for your staff. 

We’re all aware that work at height should be avoided wherever possible.  However, it’s not always possible to avoid going onto a roof to get the job done so minimising the risks involved is essential when work at height is being planned.  One really effective method of minimising these risks is to ensure that your workers have a safe route to any area where work at height needs to be carried out.  Our innovative roof walker system is an effective method of minimising these risks and keeping your workforce safer.

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