Five Main Reasons People Don’t Wear Fall Protection

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Five Main Reasons People Don’t Wear Fall Protection

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Despite the alarming statistics indicating the high number of injuries and deaths reported from falls from height, several workers still avoid wearing fall protection equipment. This makes it difficult to reduce and stop falls from heights, including roofs and ladders unless something is done to effect the necessary changes. Below are some of the reasons that may prompt workers not to wear protective gear and the possible ways to mitigate the issues.


  1. It’s Just a Quick Task”

Some workers may choose not to wear fall protection just because the task at hand “will just take a second.” This is a dangerous attitude that could result in a serious injury. Yes, the task will only take a minute or two to complete, but it only takes a second for an accident to happen. And it will be too late if you’re not wearing fall protection. Ensure your workers are wearing the relevant protective gear every time regardless of the amount of time the task is expected to take. You should also ensure other relevant fall protection, such as a post and chain barrier, is installed where necessary.


  1. Discomfort When Using the Equipment

Discomfort when using protective gear can be very distracting. This is usually the case with cheap, low-quality pieces of equipment. Ensure to consider the quality and comfort of the equipment before purchasing one to encourage your workers to wear whenever necessary. It’s always important to go for a product you would want to wear all day. Some products also come with add-ons that can dramatically enhance comfort when worn.


  1. It Adds Extra Time and Cost Without Adding Value

Most pieces of safety equipment are expensive and hardly provide any additional money to the user, but they can protect them from harm. Putting on the equipment and taking it off can also take a significant amount of time, sometimes up to one hour. This time may put some strain on other areas since the workers will not be working. This gives some workers an excuse not to put on the equipment, especially for small tasks. As much as employers would want to maximise on profits, they should never compromise the safety of their workers.


  1. The Fear of Feeling Less Safe

The idea of a fall protection equipment making you feel less safe is somehow strange, right? Well, this is actually possible. Maybe you’re not properly trained on how to use the equipment, or the equipment is faulty or not up-to-date. Ensure to check your workplace necessities at least once a month to ensure everything is in order. This also helps avoid a false sense of security when using the equipment. You need to also encourage your workers to always follow the correct maintenance and replacement procedures for every safety equipment.


  1. Equipment Limits Ability to Work

Wearing protective gear can limit your ability to efficiently do the job. This can be due to lack of training on using the equipment, using the wrong equipment, or using the wrong size. In such scenarios, workers may choose not to put on the equipment. They’re willing to sacrifice their safety in order to get the job done correctly the first time. Ensure to provide proper fall protection training when a worker joins the workforce or when new equipment is introduced in the workplace. You should hardly encounter challenges in doing your work when you use the right equipment.

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