D-Marc Social Distancing Barrier System: Your Ultimate Social Distancing Aid

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D-Marc Social Distancing Barrier System: Your Ultimate Social Distancing Aid

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Are you ready to reopen your workplace and resume normal operations amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure compliance with the government directives concerning the battle against COVID-19. Good news is, we live in an era of fast-moving technological design and advancement. Today, there are various developments, such as the D-marc social distancing barrier, designed to make the workplace safer. The barrier is a highly visible multifunctional barrier ideal for prevention and protection for both indoor and outdoor activities in your workplace. Read on to learn more about the features and various uses of this social distancing product to help you make informed decisions.

The Defining Properties

The following are some of the features that best define the D-marc social distancing barrier.

Sleek Design

The D-marc barrier system has a 16.4-kilogram base made from recycled car tyres. The base is designed with a carrying handle for convenience when moving it from one point to another. It also has a unique structure enabling it to withstand wind speeds of up to 105 mph, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

The product has been wind tunnel tested by the BRE on concrete, bituminous, and single-ply roof surfaces resisting wind speeds of greater than 105 mph. Plus, the upright has an integrated hook that helps maintain the chain link on point and keep the sag in the chain approximately 100 mm below the horizontal.

Easy Installation

The installation of this product is pretty straight forward. You don’t need to have any special skills or tools to install it. All that is required to get the job done is a measuring tape and tin slips. To begin the installation, slot the upright to fit flush into the weighted base and secure it with the two washers (starting with the repair washer followed by the spring washer) and a wing nut. Next, you’ll place the chain on the hook on the upright and link it to the next section of chain with the chain-link supplied.

What about corners and curves? Well, there are no components required, you’ll only need to place the posts at 3-metre intervals and the system will follow the demarcation zone. It’s recommended that you position the base of the barrier two metres from the desired area for safe zoning and cordoning. When installing the barrier base, place it down outwards away from the body, with the D-marc logo facing away from the hazard.


As mentioned above, the product is a viable option which can be used as a prevention and protection barrier for both indoor and outdoor use. It is multifunctional and can be used in almost any sector: from warehouses, engineering and manufacturing, transport and logistics, retail, events management and leisure, as well as hospitality sectors, among others. You can use the product as a barrier to safely zone and cordon off areas and as a routing device to create a one-way system in multiple surroundings. This can help to maintain the directional flow of employees, clients, consumers etc meaning it would not be necessary to spend extra money employing more security personnel to ensure clusters of people can maintain order and social distancing.

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