Typical Roofing Mistakes Explained for Commercial Building Owners

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Typical Roofing Mistakes Explained for Commercial Building Owners

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Here in the UK, so many of our commercial buildings are topped with flat roofs as they present a cost-efficient option for construction companies and building owners alike.  A new flat roof will keep out the weather effectively and should have a good life expectancy if maintained properly.  This means regular inspections of the flat roof, so today we’re taking a look at the typical roofing mistakes made by the owners of commercial premises.

  • The wrong roofing system –most flat roofs are not designed to last for decades and should be replaced when they show signs of wear and tear or other damage.  Get some professional advice when considering replacement or significant repairs on the flat roof, but be cautious if a contractor offers to do the job at a discount rate.  Choosing a roofing system that is not suitable for the premises, or a sub-standard roofing system will cost more money in the long term.  Make sure that good quality roofing membrane and insulation are used and that the repair or replacement work carries a warranty.
  • Walking on the roof – if roof access is required for the maintenance and repair of plant, an access solution should be provided for staff.  Whether this is a rooftop walkway or a demarcation barrier system that confines personnel to a safe route to the plant, it’s the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that no workers are put at risk when carrying out maintenance or repairs on the roof. 
  • Weather damage – any ice and snow should be cleared from the flat roof as soon as possible before damage occurs.  The weight of the snow will put extra stress on the roof structure and may also cause ponding on a flat roof.
  • Old insulation - roof insulation does not last forever, however, it’s a vital component in any roofing system and should be replaced every four to five years.  Check the roofing insulation annually to ensure that it is still in good condition and can insulate the building adequately.
  • Failure to maintain – regular inspections and maintenance are the prime factors that will ensure a flat roof lasts as long as possible.  This means that a visual check should be performed on the roof at least twice a year, before winter and after winter.  Stand at ground level and look out for any issues like deterioration on the surface of the roof, areas of discolouration, areas where ponding occurs, any wear or tear in the surface of the roofing fabric.  Any of these issues should be addressed immediately or the damage is likely to get worse faster than you would think possible.

Make sure that you call in a professional roofing contractor to carry out any repairs and maintenance work as they will have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that the job is done properly.


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