Universal Actions Every Employer Needs to Take for a Safer Reopening

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Universal Actions Every Employer Needs to Take for a Safer Reopening

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Workplaces are slowly reopening to employees and clients again amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Employers are scrambling to implement new processes and procedures. However, how you reopen can make a big difference between a safe and unsafe workplace. Below are some of the actions that you can implement to safely navigate reopening operations while ensuring the safety of your workers and clients.


  1. Phasing

Phasing is vital to prevent overcrowding in workplaces. You need to create a phased transition instead of having everyone rush back to work all at once. You can have a certain percentage of the workforce report to work on certain days and the rest on other days. You can also have a certain percentage reporting weekly and working from home on the weeks they’re not at work. This will help minimise exposure hence lowering the risk of being infected and transmitting the virus.


  1. Disinfect the Workplace

Consider disinfecting the workplace before allowing your workers back. Have all surfaces professionally cleaned as per the guidelines provided by the relevant authorities. This should be done regularly and not just once. You need to make the necessary changes for social distancing such as using barriers for outdoor social distancing or spreading out chairs and tables. Assess whether it will be safe for more than one person to be in confined spaces like individual offices or conference rooms. You can create a small group and assign them the responsibility of ensuring all common places are disinfected and all physical alterations are maintained as required.


  1. Screenings

You need to have a health status screening process for your workforce. Use guidelines from the relevant health organisations to develop the process. Every worker should undergo the screening even when they appear to be healthy. You need to come up with a plan to ensure you don’t leave yourself open for infection just because you paid less attention to important details.


  1. Hygiene

Are you prepared to handle sick employees or clients? Good hygiene is very important to prevent the virus from spreading. Ensure to encourage your workers and clients to observe good hygiene and infection control. Ensure to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizers, and hand-washing facilities at strategic places throughout the organisation.


  1. Training

To battle the Covid-19 pandemic, there should be no room for mistakes. You need to have people who understand how dangerous the virus is and ways to prevent it. Train your supervisors and employees on the fundamentals of safety and the impacts the infection can bring on the employees’ mental health and well-being. You also need to adjust the training to include the changes in the guidelines and procedures suggested by the health bodies.


  1. Communication

Communication is very important during the reopening process. You need to have an effective communication plan that allows you to be open and transparent with your workers and clients. You can use a multifaceted communication approach such as using social media posts, e-mails, text messages, phone calls, and the intranet. This helps you get on board with your workforce and helps you better coordinate your efforts.

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