The Benefits for Roofing Companies of Training an Apprentice

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The Benefits for Roofing Companies of Training an Apprentice

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Here at D-marc we’re well aware of the skills shortage within the UK construction industry, and the roofing sector in particular so we’re enthusiastic advocates of the government’s Apprenticeship programme which is vital in addressing the shortage of skilled workers in our sector.  Today we’re going to take a look at some research carried out by the Federation of Master Builders which is based on the responses of 2,000 homeowners across the UK and the surprising revelations that were encountered.

The research confirms what many of us already know – apprentices are beneficial to business.  The roofing industry here in the UK is highly competitive with so many small to medium companies vying for business from homeowners who are considering roof repairs, refurbishment or replacement.  Hiring and training apprentices will help your company to stand out from the crowd.  Homeowners, while concerned about the craftsmanship and capabilities of the roofing company they employ, are just as concerned about what sort of company they are hiring to carry out a job.  They want to hire a roofing firm with strong values and a commitment to ethics.  Investing in hiring and training young people creates a great company image which allows a company to be seen in a positive light.

The research clearly demonstrates the positive image that a focus on providing quality training can bring to your company from a commercial point of view.  Almost two thirds of homeowners who responded to the survey revealed that they would have a more favourable attitude towards a roofing company knowing that they are training apprentices and providing young people with an opportunity for the future.  Half of those surveyed disclosed that they would be more likely to hire a roofing firm that trains apprentices.  Nearly two thirds of respondents admitted that they think building companies that provide training opportunities for the next generation of tradespeople should highlight this fact in their marketing material. 

More than two in five respondents revealed that they would be more likely to recommend a roofing contractor to family and friends based on the fact that they offer apprenticeship training.  Two thirds of the apprentices in the construction sector are hired and trained by SMEs – companies just like yours.  There is an army of small building companies across the land who are investing in the future of young people and the future of the UK construction sector by offering these placements to school leavers, encouraging new talent to enter the industry and making sure that the roofing sector has a skilled workforce to call upon in the future.  This is especially important as we enter the unchartered future we’re likely to face post-Brexit.  The construction industry is set to be hit hardest with the potential loss of EU migrant workers on which this sector so heavily relies. 

It’s not just an investment in a young person, it’s an investment in your business and in the UK construction industry as a whole.

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