Questions to Ask when Hiring a Roofing Contractor

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Questions to Ask when Hiring a Roofing Contractor

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Hiring a roofing contractor can feel fraught with risks – we hear so many news stories about vulnerable, elderly people being ripped off by somebody who knocked on the door to offer to fix a few loose tiles and then losing their life savings as they struggle to pay the bill.  Even those of us who wouldn’t consider ourselves vulnerable or elderly would be hard pressed to know in detail how their roof problem should be fixed.  This is D-marc’s easy guide to hiring a roofing contractor you can trust by asking the following questions:

What is your legal business name?  

This is a vital question as it’s so easy to give a false representation of your business, even online.  Don’t accept any answer that is hesitant or unclear.  Once you know the trading name of a roofing company, do some research online.  Check their website, look for testimonials and review on independent websites such as GlassDoor or on local business listings and Google+.  Look for reviews on websites such as Trustpilot and .

What sort of insurance do you have?

Roofing work is fraught with risks of all different kinds.  This means that roofers need to have stringent and comprehensive insurance cover that includes public liability, products liability, employer’s liability and tools/equipment liability insurance.   Ask if the insurance covers such issues as structural defects, building defects and latent defects.  If the roofer can’t demonstrate a comprehensive level of insurance, find one who can.

What is your roofing price per square foot?

Roofing pricing is a complex business that encompasses so many factors, including:

  • Current market price of roofing materials

  • Age of roof

  • Pitch of roof

  • Numbers of layers on roof

  • Known issues

  • Condition of roof

Make sure that you ask potential roofers about what the pricing covers.

What will the roofing estimation involve?

A professional roofer will need to come inside your house and inspect the interior of the roof as well as carrying out an inspection of the exterior.  They’ll need to look for signs of water damage (mosses, lichens, etc.) on the outside and for signs of water or moisture ingress on the inside.  If you don’t have attic space to be inspected, then it’s even more important that an interior inspection is carried out.  A trained roofer should be able to spot small cracks and stains along the interior walls and ceilings that are a tell-tale sign of a leak.  If the roofer doesn’t need to inspect the inside of the roof, then ask why.

Choosing a contractor to work on your roof, especially if the roof needs replacing or extensive repairs, is one of the most important decisions you’re likely to make about your property.  A poorly installed or badly repaired roof can often cause problems for years, so making sure you choose the right roofing contractor for the job is vital.

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