Reasons Why Preventive Measures are Significant for Commercial Roofs

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Reasons Why Preventive Measures are Significant for Commercial Roofs

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Shutting down your business just to allow for roof repairs or replacement could be a big setback to its growth. You’ll lose precious time you’d have spent making important decisions for your business. Well, it could be said that roof issues may not be anyone’s fault. But it has always been said that prevention is better than the cure, and your roofing issues are not an exception. 

Preventive maintenance measures are one of the essential tools for maximising the lifespan of commercial roofing. It’s also an organised approach to successful roof asset management. Let’s examine the benefits of implementing preventive measures for your roof.  

1.    Prevent Small Issues from Getting Worse
Perhaps you’ve seen issues turn into disaster due to neglect. Some problems, such as leakage can rapidly grow to put the inventory and equipment at risk if not dealt with as soon as possible. Preventive measures enable you to identify and address different roofing issues that might worsen in the near future. This makes roof maintenance easier, especially for flat roofs with common surface and drainage problems. But ensure to have a proper flat roof fall protection barrier in place to enhance the safety of your maintenance crew.

2.    Keeps Costs Low
These measures will no doubt cost you much less money than repairing any actual damage. The problems are identified and fixed while in their early stages before becoming both worse and expensive. They can help put off the need for repairing or replacing your roof before the expected lifetime.  

3.    Enhances Roof’s Lifespan
Most commercial roofing systems, such as the single-ply membranes, can last for about 25 to 30 years. UV rays can cause your roof to dry out, causing them to crack and split. Moisture will then start penetrating the cracks, causing leaks that could lead to structural failure and collapse of the roofing system. Preventive measures, on the other hand, have the potential to enhance your roof’s lifespan by identifying issues and solving them before it’s too late. This also helps increase the time between the repairs and replacements.

What Should be Included in Preventive Maintenance

Typical preventive maintenance usually involves the following:

This should be done at least twice a year. Here, check places like the drains and downspouts for any inhibition of proper drainage, rooftop vents and equipment to ensure they’re sealed, and the flashings or penetrations for any tears or gaps.

Basic Repairs 
Commercial roofs hardly miss having small blisters and splits. You need to repair such issues with better materials like the polymer-modified mastics that are more flexible, UV light stable and weather resistant. They may cost a few pounds up front but can provide a greater value than cheaper options. 

Reflective Coatings
These coatings are essential in combating the elements. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions and UV light rays. But you need to look for high-quality coatings that contain a substantial amount of aluminium paste and a silver coating to enhance its reflective properties. These coatings can also increase the R-value of your property, which means you’ll pay significantly less energy costs. 

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