Jobs Which Are Available In The Roofing Industry

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Jobs Which Are Available In The Roofing Industry

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Do you find construction work interesting? Are you considering a career change, or perhaps looking for your first job? Luckily for you, the construction industry is one of Britain's biggest, and there are plenty of roles available in roofing! In today's article, we're going to have a look at some of the diverse job roles which are relevant to the roof industry.



A slater is a worker who covers building with slate (as the name suggests). Slate roofs were more common before the 1960s, when concrete tiles became the norm, however there is still a demand for slaters, as slate remains a popular material in roofing. As a slater you will be involved in both construction and maintenance, so you will never be out of work! 



Tilers fit tiles onto roofs. These tiles may be of a variety of materials, primarily concrete, however metal is also commonly used. Tiling can be a versatile profession as not only will you be working on roofs, but you may also work on walls and floors as well, making tilers invaluable to any construction site. Being one of the most important roles in the roofing industry, tilers are always in demand.



Site fitters fill a variety of roles on construction sites, generally related to installing conservatories, however site fitters may also check building work, glaze roofs, fit panels and moulds, and aid with roof edge demarcation. Site fitters are highly valued because of their skillset, which allows them to work in a wide variety of construction and roofing jobs. Working as a fitter will keep you busy as there is plenty of work to be done!


Construction Manager

Construction managers oversee the whole of the construction project, from slaters to tilers to fitters and everything inbetween. Construction managers are debatably the most important part of the construction team, as they need to use their management skills to co-ordinate the entire project. As a manager, it will be your job to not only maximise efficiency, but ensure health and safety for everyone working on the construction site.

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