Insurance for Roofing Contractors

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Insurance for Roofing Contractors

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The construction industry is an industry full of risks, this is why we have such strict legislation on health and safety issues for construction.  The roofing sector faces even more risks as it inevitably brings with it a requirement to work at height.  Insurance is vital for construction and roofing contractors and making sure your insurance cover is current and appropriate is an important consideration for all roofing contractors.  Today we have some tips for you on how to make sure you have the insurance cover you need to protect you and your clients.

Work with a broker who understands your business and has experience of the contracting and roofing industry.

In order to ensure that the insurance provider you choose delivers the right cover for your requirements, check their financial health.  Insurance providers are given ratings from credit rating agencies based on a financial analysis of the company and its operations.  This will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have chosen a reputable insurance company.

Make sure you fully disclose to your broker the range of risks you face and your systems of working.  As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to make a full and fair presentation of your business to your insurer and your broker will guide you in doing this.

Your insurance policy is a legal contract which details what is covered, what is excluded from cover and any financial limits and other terms and conditions.  Make sure you discuss these with your insurance broker as you should be fully aware of all of the vital aspects of the protection that your insurance provides.

Any changes to your business should be reported to your insurance broker immediately as a change in business often brings with it a change in the risks involved.

If you use subcontractors, make sure that you check their insurance cover to ensure that it’s adequate for the work they are carrying out for you.

Make sure that everybody involved with the project is aware of and understands their responsibilities for safety on site and the requirement to comply with any specific insurance policy conditions or requirements.  Remind site staff of this on a regular basis to ensure compliance across all areas of site at all times.

Before any work is carried out at any site, risk assessments and method statements should be provided to all workers to make sure that they are fully aware of all of the risks, control measures and any personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary for the work being undertaken.

Keep comprehensive records of everything – this means instructions relating to contracts, incident reporting, training provided, etc.  You should be maintaining signed paper or electronic records at all times.  All incidents should be reported to your insurance broker so that they can advice you on any steps you need to follow in connection with insurance.

The cost of legal disputes in UK construction activities makes it sensible to consider the value of legal expenses insurance that is specifically designed for contracting. 

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