The Importance of Roof Maintenance and Surveys after Prolonged Closure

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The Importance of Roof Maintenance and Surveys after Prolonged Closure

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Roof systems are arguably the most vulnerable parts of any building exteriors. Today, energy efficiency has become the crucial goal of most roofing designs. Unlike traditional roofing purposes, roofs are now expected to perform functions beyond merely providing waterproof surfaces on the top of buildings. Roofs have become integrated components of complex building envelope systems, including the structural, masonry, windows, walls, and foundation components, all combined to provide energy-efficient, waterproof envelopes. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many industrial and commercial buildings to close for weeks to months over lockdown. It’s imperative that businesses check their roofing system after any period of prolonged closure. Small issues can soon turn into much bigger problems if neglected, and this will cost money and time in the long-run.

Technological advancements have increased the complexity in roofing systems, especially single-ply roofs like ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), thermoplastic olefin (TPO), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which are known to be chemical roofs. The advent of green roofs, cool roofs, protected roof membrane assemblies, and modified bitumen roofs have also added complexity to roof decision-making processes. However, you still need to consider roof life-cycle management to ensure you get the best value for your building. You need to manage your roof as an asset, the same way you do with your other investments in your properties. Wind, ultraviolet radiation, snow, hail, and sleet can affect your roof system’s performance. Please read on to understand more about the importance of roof maintenance and surveys after a prolonged closure.

Why Roof Maintenance?

Perhaps everyone wants their roofing systems to have a long life expectancy, and this can be made possible by regular proactive roof maintenance. It’s essential that you keep a regular maintenance schedule for your property to minimise the risk of small roof issues becoming bigger problems. In most instances, neglected roof inspection and maintenance eventually require extensive repairs and sometimes a complete roof replacement. Therefore, to prevent costly and avoidable repairs, replacements, and possible health and safety claims, ensure to properly maintain your roofing system. Roof maintenance is also essential to keep your roof in watertight condition and ensure a long-lasting roof system. It is important that you install a fall protection system in your roof, such as a barrier for flat roof, before conducting any inspection or maintenance to enhance your safety while on the roof.

How Can You Benefit from Roof Surveys

Regular roof surveys and maintenance can save you time and money by ensuring you stay ahead of any defects and issues that arise. Having a roof survey conducted by an experienced contractor can enable you to quickly identify any issues and make arrangements for relevant solutions to prevent the issues from turning into more serious and expensive problems. Roofing surveys are also essential for decision-making processes. If you are hoping to replace your roof, for instance, understanding the condition of your current roof will help influence the decision you’re going to make concerning the type of roofing to install and the time for a replacement.

How to Keep Your Roofing System in Shape

It’s important that you ensure your roof is inspected by an experienced professional roofing contractor to ensure every part of the roof is looked at and any issue is addressed accordingly. While you can perform a DIY roof inspection, you should consult a professional to conduct the inspection at least once in a year.

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