Iconic Roofs: Ferrari World

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Iconic Roofs: Ferrari World

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No need for flat roof demarcation on these slopes! This week in our iconic roofs series, we touch on a recent wonder: Ferrari World, in Abu Dhabi. Ferrari World is a theme park opened in 2010 by the $28.83bn company including the world’s fastest rollercoaster and the world’s tallest non-inverting loop. While the park’s roof is obviously not the main attraction, it is definitely memorable.

The roof is 200,000 square metres in size and is created from 12,370 tons of steel, clad in enough aluminium in the roof alone to cover 16,750 Ferraris. It is painted a striking scarlet, the Ferrari logo ever created emblazoned atop the entrance. The logo alone is 65 metres long and covers 3,000 square metres. There is enough aluminium in the roof alone to clad 16,750 Ferraris.

The building’s design is inspired by the double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT, a classic in motor racing and an icon in its own right. The rest of the building is built from glass and metal, necessary materials for reducing the desert heat and sun glare. The building peaks at 48 metres high and is accompanied by 6,900m of roof guttering. The park as a whole can host up to 10,000 visitors a day and requires more than 900 staff members (seemingly small figures considering the enormity of the premises), containing more than 20 Ferrari-themed rides and driving simulators.

Ferrari World is located 2,800 miles away from the $28.83bn company’s headquarters, which are in Italy, but it is here that the wealth of the company is truly demonstrated. Besides the architectural magnificence of the park itself, the rides and entertainment offered are varied and exciting. As mentioned before, the world’s fastest rollercoaster and the world’s tallest non-inverting loop are features of the park – the Formula Rossa reaches up to 240km/h over its 2.2km track, and the Flying Aces coaster takes riders up a 63m cable lift hill and a 52 metre loop, followed by a sharp descent.

As well as high-powered rollercoasters and steep climbs, Ferrari World offers several tamer but equally exciting attractions. Visitors can attend a virtual exhibition of how Ferraris are made and take photos with different models in the gallery. There is also a 4D simulator taking families under the ocean and into the skies and driving simulators which put you behind the wheel of an F1 racing car. Most peaceful of all is Bell’Italia, a miniature diorama taking visitors through Italy’s most famous sights and the Ferrari headquarters.

If the entire building was taken and put on its side, it would be the tallest man-made structure on the planet. The building was, incredibly, completed in only three years, which is very fast considering all the materials required in its construction and the proportions of the project. It cost roughly $1bn to put together, but as it generates around a million people a year, it has paid dividends for the company, and looks set to continue on this path for another decade.

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