Demarcation Barrier System or Guardrail on a Flat Roof?

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Demarcation Barrier System or Guardrail on a Flat Roof?

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Here at D-marc, we are dedicated to making work at height safer – in particular, work at height on a flat room where regular maintenance or repair work on plant and machinery located on a flat roof.  So many of the commercial and industrial premises here in the UK feature a flat roof and this is often where plant and machinery necessary for manufacturing processes are installed.  This means that it will be necessary for workers to perform inspections and maintenance work on the machinery on a continuous basis, perhaps accessing the area on a daily or weekly basis.

All employers have a duty of care towards their employees and this means ensuring that their health and safety whilst at work is considered at all times.  An employer is legally obliged to provide workers with the correct safety equipment (including access equipment) that is necessary to remove or reduce the risks involved, especially when work at height is being carried out.

D-marc has come up with the perfect solution when it comes to accessing work areas on a flat roof – a demarcation barrier system that will prevent access to hazards during regular rooftop maintenance activities, or to provide safe access across a flat roof to areas where plant and machinery are located. 

Our demarcation barriers are classed as a type of “Collective Protection” in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) hierarchy of risk management set out in the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR 2005).  When installed on a flat roof, the HSE requires that the system is installed at least 2 metres from the hazard (including the roof edge).

The demarcation barriers can be used to create a divide between a safe area and a hazardous zone to keep rooftop workers away from any fall hazards.  What’s more, the demarcation barriers can also be used at ground level to keep pedestrians and workers away from machinery or moving vehicles. 

According to HSE INDG284, a demarcation barrier can be used instead of a guardrail in instances where full edge protection on a roof is not strictly necessary where limited work on a large roof does not involve any workers accessing any areas closer than 2 metres to the edge.  A demarcated area can be created using a barrier system which ensures that nobody moves outside of the demarcated area.

Our demarcation system has been designed to be placed on any roof covering, though the roof covering manufacturer should be contacted for advice on the compatibility of the roofing membrane with the demarcation barrier system.  In some cases (as with a single ply membrane) it may be necessary to use a separation layer (in the form of a sacrificial pad) between the base of the demarcation barrier posts and the roof covering. 

The demarcation barriers are simple to install and requires no specialist tools or training. 

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