Growing Your Business: Steps to Help Grow Your Roofing Business

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Growing Your Business: Steps to Help Grow Your Roofing Business

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When it comes to running a roofing business, there are many factors to think about. You need to keep your customers happy, battle the weather, and to manage your cash flow, just to mention a few. To register growth in the same business demands that you add more effort to ensure you maintain or improve your profitability levels and customer service. Below are some of the steps that you can implement today to help put you on the path to growth.  

1.    Look for New Customers
One of the secrets to growing your business is attracting more and more customers. You need to actively promote your business through advertisements and social media channels. This will help raise your company’s profile, and you’ll stand a chance to have new customers coming in to check out your products. You can also consider using schemes such as Trusted Traders and TrustMark to make your brand popular and enhance the reputation of your company as a trustworthy and reliable roofing contractor. Such schemes are one of the reliable and cost-effective ways to attract more potential customers to try your products and services. 

2.    Focus on Retaining Existing Customers
Retaining your customers can be an even more difficult task than trying to convince new customers. Yet they provide the easiest and more convenient way to secure repeat business. You may decide to offer them after-sale services, including roofing inspection services, for a certain period from the day of purchase perhaps one year or longer, depending on the type of roofing. This will not only help with keeping in contact and maintaining relations with existing customers but will also boost your business with an annual fee. Before allowing your team to get on the roof, however, ensure to first check for proper fall protection, like free-standing demarcation for enhanced safety, especially when dealing with flat roofs.      

3.    Outsource Business Advice
It pays to outsource advice from experts sometimes, especially when dealing with issues such as legal or contractual disputes. Most experts have connections with organisations like Build UK (formerly the National Specialist Contractors’ Council, NSCC), a leading representative organisation for the UK construction industry. This can be your breakthrough as far as the management of your time, money, and workforce is concerned. You can also obtain help and support for your business, including free credit checks. 

4.    Introduce New Services
Have you considered specialisation or training your workforce for other skills and qualifications as a way of expanding your services? Well, there are several platforms, such as the National Heritage Roofing Contractors Register, that you can apply to join to enable you to self-certify building regulations on roof refurbishment and help your customers save time and money.  

5.    Improve Your Training
Just like with any other business, roofing business does undergo constant change. The regulations that were there five years ago may not be the same today, and your team needs to keep abreast of all the latest news and developments in roofing. You may consider taking them to different relevant workshops and free training sessions. You can also provide access to newsletters and blogs. All these are essential to keep them up to date with the major trends in the industry. 

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