A Golden Opportunity for Roofing Contractors

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A Golden Opportunity for Roofing Contractors

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There’s an exciting new development in the roofing industry – replacement conservatory roofs are all the rage at the moment.  This represents a great opportunity for roofing contractors to get more work flowing in.  One of the worst problems about owning a conservatory is that it’s often too hot to handle in the summer and too cold for comfort in winter.  Progress in recent years in materials development has resulted in a wide range of light weight roof tiles that are particularly suitable for use on a conservatory and the appearance on the market of some innovative new fabrics that can be used for flat roofs.  This is great news for homeowners and roofing contractors alike.

Homeowners now have more options than ever when it comes to replacing a conservatory roof and it’s an investment which really makes sense financially as it means the conservatory can be used as living space all year round.  The new materials available (both for flat roofs and pitched roofs) mean that insulation can be added for extra thermal control both in winter and summer, making the conservatory more a part of the home than ever before.  People are now able to use the conservatory for so many purposes – a breakfast/dining room, a home office, a hobby space or even a chill out room for teenage kids.

Canny roofing company owners should be jumping on the bandwagon now and making sure they offer conservatory roof replacements to householders who need more space – it’s a great way of growing your business.  Just take a look at some of the benefits you can offer to homeowners as part of your marketing strategy:

Anybody with a polycarbonate roof on the conservatory will have noticed that there are some disadvantages that could lead to not using your conservatory as much as had been planned.  To start with, the conservatory will get very hot in summer, sometimes unbearably so with family members longing for cooler weather so they can make the most of the additional space.  Then the winter comes and the conservatory seems to be cold, too cold to sit in comfortably – this is because it’s losing its heat through the polycarbonate roof. 

When it rains the conservatory gets noisy – the raindrops lashing down on the roof mean that conversation is impossible.  The rain hammers down (as it does throughout the year here in the UK) making the conservatory unusable on so many days of the year.  Instead of being the sunny retreat, the conservatory ends up being a no go area for so many days of the year and many homeowners wonder why they didn’t just add a utility room instead!

Well, those problems are becoming a thing of the past thanks to new types of lightweight roof tiles that are brilliantly suited for use on conservatories.  There are lightweight tiles that look like slate but are a fraction of the weight, meaning they can be used on the conservatory roof without any fear of compromising the delicate structure of the conservatory.  They don’t break or crack, even if they’re dropped or walked on and they come in a range of different colours so homeowners can choose the ones that will complement the exterior of their home best.  Choosing the right lightweight conservatory roof tiles means they should be fully compliant with BBA Standards (including a fire rating which is necessary in building materials nowadays) and a decent warranty, ensuring that the new conservatory roof will stand the test of time.

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