Flat Roofs are on the Increase

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Flat Roofs are on the Increase

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It seems that flat roofs are on the increase here in the UK, with the market for flat roofs experiencing a tangible increase over the past two or three years.  This is probably due to some of the advances we’ve seen in roof coverings for flat roofs which make them a much more viable and practical option than in the past.  Flat roofs have always been popular with local authorities and the private sector for offices, leisure facilities, schools, multi-occupancy buildings and warehouses. 

A flat roof means more space available for storage of air conditioning units and mechanical services and, in recent years, they’ve provided the option for roof gardens which are gaining in popularity due to climate change and an increased interest in “going green”. 

In the past, however, flat roofs gained a reputation for being high maintenance but with the innovative new materials now available for fabricating flat roofs, they are becoming a much more viable option.   Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is changing flat roofing - it provides a tough and durable waterproof membrane that is an ideal substrate for green roof schemes.  It’s a cost effective option for savvy building owners and property managers who take a long term view of a building’s maintenance requirements.  Choosing a GPR flat roof means that there will be a significant reduction in maintenance costs over the long term, an attractive factor when it comes to choosing a new or replacement roof for a building.

When considering whether to repair or replace a flat roof, there are many issues that need to be taken into consideration when carrying out the initial survey. 

  • Identify any issues such as damage to the surface membrane.
  • Check whether the underlying substrate is sound
  • Check for damage to the waterproof membrane ( a common issue on flat roofs)

The most cost effective option when it comes to overlay or complete replacement of a flat roof is to specify a modern, GRP roof covering which will be extremely durable and save on maintenance costs. 

While in the past building owners may have been reluctant to have a flat roof replaced because the building was unusable while the work was being carried out, this is no longer the case.  The latest GRP roofing systems offer a much more convenient experience as they allow the building to remain fully operational because the system can be installed over the existing substrate.  This means no operational shut downs and delays – the work can be done while you and your business carry on regardless. 

If regular roof access is required for maintenance purposes (such as access to air conditioners, etc.), then providing a roof walker system will ensure that no damage is done to the new flat roof when work is carried out.  Our roof walker system is fabricated from fully recycled anti slip material to provide safe access to work areas without risking a fall or damaging the roof.  The roof walker tiles can be placed directly onto the roof surface without causing any damage and the underside profile of the tiles mean that they are able to spread the pressure of worker traffic whilst facilitating the flow of water which may otherwise pool on the roof.

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