Estimating for Flat Roofing Services

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Estimating for Flat Roofing Services

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Flat roof estimating should be a simple matter for roofing contractors as pitch does not have to be taken into account.  However, when it comes to a flat roof, there are several complex details that need to be considered to enable an accurate estimation to be decided.  For instance, the type of roof system that is being installed, including, to name just a few:

  • Liquid
  • Hot or cold
  • Bituminous reinforced felt
  • Single ply

Then the roofing contractor needs to consider how the roof is to be installed – will it be hot gun application, torch-on, self-adhered or mechanically fixed?  Will the flat roof be used for the installation of plant and machinery that may require regular access for maintenance and repair work?  If so, what type of access equipment will be used to protect users from a fall from height?  Will the type of roofing be suitable for installing demarcation barriers and safe walkways for access to plant or machinery?

There is such a wide range of factors to consider, factors that will influence what type of system is to be used and how it will be applied, the required performance of the building, the use of the building, the client’s budget, whether the building can remain in use while the new roof is installed. 

Each flat roofing project is different and it’s vital to discuss in detail each client’s requirements in order to arrive at an accurate estimation before the project begins.   The client’s budget is often the major determining factor in the type of roofing system chosen.  Once the decisions have been made on the type of roofing system to be installed, it’s often the case that a roofing contractor can receive help from the manufacturer of the roofing system to arrive at an estimation, based on the client’s requirements.  Any estimation must also take into account the requirement to comply with all relevant building regulations and codes of practice.

There are several types of software programmes available that roofing contractors can use to help ensure accurate estimations and this is often the preferred method nowadays as it takes away the stress of dealing with complex equations.  Most of these offer both on-premise and cloud solutions which makes them a valuable tool for roofing company owners as the information will be available onsite as well as in the office, speeding up the process and enabling rapid adjustments and changes when in the field. 

Using a cloud-based software also means that any new or edited information will be instantly available to all stakeholders, across a range of devices.  This will lead to fewer errors or misunderstanding, will speed up delivery time for estimates and enable contractors to develop a better relationship with clients and other project owners. 

Many of the construction estimating software providers offer a free trial which is a great method of testing out a few to see what type of features would suit your roofing company best, so why not try a few?

Next week we’ll have some information on what to look for when considering construction estimating software so don’t miss out on this.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter so that you ‘re notified when the information is published. 

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