Effective Ways to Embrace Flexibility in Your Construction Workplace during COVID-19

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Effective Ways to Embrace Flexibility in Your Construction Workplace during COVID-19

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The construction industry is among the most unpredictable and volatile industries at the best of times. The industry has taken a hard hit following the COVID-19 pandemic that has wreaked havoc all over the world. As regions and workplaces open and close with the aim to slow and stop the virus’s spread, most projects have been delayed and others even cancelled. To survive such uncertain times, businesses need to embrace flexibility as part of the business. Read on to learn some of the ways you can implement to embrace flexibility in your construction workplace as you adjust to the new normal.


  1. Plan for Your Project Flexibility

For many months now since the virus became a global pandemic, several individuals and businesses are still struggling to learn how to navigate the new normal. Unfortunately, the cure or vaccine for the virus might still take a long while hence the need to embrace flexibility in your management to help the business thrive. You need to assess your current practices and identify the areas you could be more flexible. Are there any necessary changes that you can make to keep your workers safe and productive throughout the pandemic? For instance, you can install queueing barriers in the workplace to help encourage your workforce and customers to maintain physical distance hence prevent further transmission of the virus.


  1. Embrace Automation and Accompanying Software

Almost every industry has adopted automation services and software in their operations, and construction is not an exception especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Embracing automation in your workplace can make operations easier and keep the workforce safe. Several tasks can respond well to automation hence allowing workers to work remotely or at safe physical distances across the workplace. There are many technologies available that you can consider adopting for your construction company and keep operations moving smoothly while complying with the COVID-19 guidelines.


  1. Manage Smaller Teams at a Time

Ensuring workers maintain physical distancing can be challenging if large crews are involved and with long shifts. Managing smaller teams with shift working can be the best way to ensure smooth operations and safety of the workers at all times. Ensure there’s a smaller number of workers on-site at any given time. You can also switch to rotating shifts spread evenly throughout the day to ensure continuity of work and compliance with guidelines for working during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can spread the shifts into three rotating shifts each taking 8 hours long.


  1. Reduce Operating and Hard Costs

Maintaining expenses and payrolls during uncertain times when money is hardly flowing into the business can be very challenging. As you wait for things to go back to normal, you’ll need to focus on reducing operating expenses and cut hard costs. There are different ways that you can adopt to achieve this. For instance, you may resolve to consider used or rented equipment instead of purchasing new equipment, especially if you may not need to use it daily. You may also consider adopting unique innovations like using automation services mentioned above if they’ll reduce overall costs and secure a swift return on investment (ROI).

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