The Different Types of Tiles

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The Different Types of Tiles

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Roof tiles - nearly every modern roof has them. However, how familiar are you with the different types of tile? Knowledge on which tile to use could be even more important than what kind of roof edge demarcation you pick out. We've compiled a list of different tiles for you to read and learn from, and we hope that it will be useful for you in any future construction projects.


Plain Roof Tiles

Plain tiles are a classic feature of more traditional roofs. They come in a variety of colours, meaning that they can be matched to almost any theme. You will need about 60 tiles for each square metre of your roof, and they can be a little more time-consuming unless you have selected interlocking tiles, but are generally a cost-effective and popular choice.


Clay Roof Tiles

Clay tiles have a more antique, Mediterranean feel to them. While clay tiles do last for longer than concrete ones, they tend to lose their colour over time, and are more brittle and prone to breakage. The upside is that they are reasonably eco-friendly and work well on mid-to-sharply sloped roofs. They are a little more expensive than other types, but work well on most roofs.


Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete tiles are some of the most durable tiles, and are some of the easiest to find on the market as they are widely available, and as such, reasonably cheap. Concrete tiles can be similar in appearance to clay tiles if designed to do so, and are often painted on one side, however this paint does tend to wear off over time, so these tiles can be a little higher in maintenance costs. They are also quite heavy, so you may need to support your framing if you want to use concrete tiles in your roof.



Pantiles can be made of either clay or concrete, however are generally made from concrete now. If you can find clay pantiles, you may wish to use these, as they avoid many of the fading issues which we have already discussed in the concrete tiles section. Clay tiles are about half the thickness of the average concrete tile, which you may wish to bear in mind when covering the roof.


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