Roof Access using a Demarcation Barrier Solution

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Roof Access using a Demarcation Barrier Solution

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When it comes to working at height, there are a lot of issues to take into account – safety being the most important, obviously.  There are so many commercial premises here in the UK that have flat roofs and this is often where plant and machinery is located.  This means that regular maintenance will need to be carried out and, in order to do this, a safe access solution will be required in order to comply with current health and safety regulations. 

Workers who are expected to carry out repairs and maintenance on rooftop machinery will be required to work at height.  It’s the legal obligation of the building owner to ensure that it is safe to do so and one of the most cost-efficient ways of providing safe access for workers is to install a collective demarcation protection system that can be used to access the areas where plant and machinery are located.

Post and Chain BarrierHere at D-marc, we’re in the business of providing safe access on flat roofs across the UK and overseas.  We’ve developed a demarcation barrier solution specifically for flat roofs.  These can be used either to prevent access to hazards (such as the edge or more fragile areas of the roof) during regular rooftop maintenance and repair activity, or as a means of providing a safe route to the work areas that need to be accessed.  Any building owner who provides a non-compliant solution will be putting people’s lives in danger and could face exorbitant fines.

Our D-marc demarcation barrier solution complies with all current legislation and provides a collective protective solution that premises owners can install with confidence.  What’s more, the demarcation system is comprised of just four components that are easily installed:

  • The recycled rubber bases weigh 16.8 kg and do not penetrate the roofing fabric, so this is an easy option for both new builds and retro-fits.
  • The uprights are 950mm high and manufactured from sturdy stainless steel, coated with an orange powder finish for enhanced visibility.  The trapezoid structure provides a strong and resilient structure that ensures a high degree of wind-resistance.
  • The chain comes in lengths of 25 metres and is fabricated from orange and black polyethylene for strength and durability in all weather conditions.
  • The connector links are split links which can be used to join lengths of chain for a totally bespoke solution, whatever the size and shape of your premises.

This roof barrier system can be easily installed without any specialist training or tools.  The demarcation barrier system can also be used instead of a guardrail it limited work on a roof does not involve going closer than 2 metres from the open edge of the roof.  As an added bonus, this system is not limited to roofs and can be used at ground level to serve as a safe access route to an area where work is required.

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