Construction Industry Apprenticeships Explained for Roofing Company Owners

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Construction Industry Apprenticeships Explained for Roofing Company Owners

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You may have been reading in the industry news about the growing skills gap in the UK construction industry.  One of our recent blog posts dealt with the benefits to be gained by roofing companies of taking on an apprentice.  There’s an online campaign to encourage more youngsters to study engineering, an initiative dreamed up by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) to promote awareness of the “art and science of engineering”. 

Since the beginning of the current recession the UK construction industry has lost more than 350,000 key workers which has resulted in a massive skills gap that is causing problems.  Now that the industry is showing signs of recovery and an upturn in the amount of building work being undertaken organisations are experiencing difficulty in finding potential employees with the necessary training and experience in certain areas.

A recent study has revealed that a massive 42% of roofing companies are finding it challenging to recruit workers with the correct skills required for the jobs that need doing.  This means that the roofing sector’s recovery may be hampered by the lack of workers with specific, valuable skills.

Moreover, it’s been disclosed that there is concern within the industry that the quality of training and development is in decline and that today’s available vocational qualifications just don’t hack it.  They are not arming workers with a diverse enough range of skills to carry out many of the jobs that need doing. 

Traditionally, apprenticeships were the backbone of construction industry training and modern apprenticeships were designed to carry on in that ilk.  Apprenticeships represent a gateway into the industry that should serve to close the skills gap and delivery appropriate training in areas where a shortage of skills is most problematic.

There is a wide range of apprenticeships available in Britain, ranging from planning and logistics to specific skills like site maintenance or reporting on the environmental impact of construction activities.  From Construction Supervision and Management to Construction Civil Engineering, specific training is available to focus on certain aspects of the construction game (including roofing) and help satisfy the increasing demands for highly skilled workers.

The training delivered in an apprenticeships is mainly hands-on and practical with most of the learning taking place on site at a placement.  This is a highly effective method of delivering training as not only does it help to consolidate the theoretical and practical learning, it gives young people an insight into working life – the physical work necessary and direct experience of working a suitable number of hours on site.  The hours involved in a workday often come as a surprise to young people.  On-site training is also a good opportunity for the trainees to see what it’s like to work in adverse environments and high pressure situations at times.  An apprenticeship is a great introduction to real adult life and can enhance the personal development of the young adults involved.

With such a huge range of jobs within the construction industry, job possibilities are numerous and wide ranging.  If you’re interested in an apprenticeship (or know a young person who may be), then the best way forward is to do some online research to see just how many opportunities are out there.


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