Roof Repairs: The Most Common Commercial Roof Repairs to Expect on Your Roof

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Roof Repairs: The Most Common Commercial Roof Repairs to Expect on Your Roof

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Commercial roofing is usually among the aspects most businesses hardly give attention to, perhaps until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, costly repairs and sometimes complete roof replacement are the possible consequences. Here are some of the most common repairs to expect if the early symptoms are not detected and corrected as early as possible. Please read on.

1.    Blow Offs
Blow offs can be a big threat to flat roofs, especially with modified bitumen roofing systems. They usually occur when seams are not installed properly. In the event of strong wind uplift, the seams could get exposed to the wind, a situation that can lead to membrane damage. Blow offs can also occur from using inferior materials with improper gravel embedment or having insufficient fasteners in the base sheet. These winds can also blow off caps on chimneys and vents, making them vulnerable to let water into the pipes.

2.    Issues Caused by Pooling Water
If the drainage system of your roof is clogged or obstructed (usually by dirt or debris on the roof), water can accumulate in some areas. This will weaken the surface over time and eventually results in leakage. This issue can also be caused by inadequate roof design, faulty installation, cracks in the membrane, and installation of roof equipment such as HVAC units without the proper drain line. Regular roof inspections are essential to clear any debris blocking the drainage before it affects the surface. However, it’s essential to install proper fall protection such as a flat roof fall protection barrier for enhanced safety when on the roof. Ensure to also check the roof whenever there’s a significant change in the weather. 

3.    Defective Flashings and Pitch Pans
Flashings are very essential parts on a commercial roof. They help to redirect water away from seams and joints. However, they’re vulnerable to cracking or ripping due to the normal contractions and expansions that occur naturally on any roof. If the top of the flashing is not finished properly, water leakage may be inevitable. Lack of regular maintenance and the use of inferior materials in making the pitch pans (parts used around pipes) could also allow water to travel down the pipes onto the roof.

4.    Penetrations and Piercings
Excessive foot traffic and the addition of new equipment and other materials on your flat roof can damage the roof surface if not done correctly. Installers and workmen on the roof can also cause harm to the surface when carrying out different projects. These problems could result in roof leakage. Plus, you might be forced to take care of the repairs on your own since it could invalidate your warranty and other guarantees from the manufacturer. 

5.    Weather Damage Repairs
Flat roofs are never impervious to elements, however strong they may look. Some of the factors that could wreak havoc on your roof include harsh UV rays from the sun, heavy snowfall, storms, and fallen debris. The effects can be faster and severe especially if your roof is already in poor condition. 

6.    Repairs Not Done Right the First Time
There are several commercial roofing contractors available. Unfortunately, not all can do the rob right when hired. Some tend to just cover up the problem instead of fixing it. While this may work at that particular time, the same problem will occur again sooner or later. You need to be careful when hiring a contractor to avoid costly mistakes. It’s important that you hire a licensed, bonded contractor who has satisfactory experience in commercial roofing. Do the selection right the first time and they’ll do the repairs right the first time as well.

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