Choose the Best Roof Safety System for your Premises

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Choose the Best Roof Safety System for your Premises

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Any commercial premises that requires plant maintenance or regular roof access will need to adhere to all working at height health and safety regulations.  This means that anybody expected to access and work on the roof of your building will need to be either connected to a safety line at all times or you’ll need to install  a permanent demarcation barrier around all accessible areas of the roof.  If you install access ladders, you’ll need to ensure that any vertical access points have the necessary caging to protect against falls from height.

D-marc supply demarcation barrier solution for flat roofs which can be used to both provide safe access for workers or prevent access to hazards during repeated rooftop maintenance activities.  Designers are legally required to create a safe access route to the roof which can be easily identified by a demarcation system showing a designated route between the roof access points and the place of work.  The D-marc roof barrier system fits the bill when it comes to providing demarcation barriers for flat roofs.

The D-marc system is made up of four components which can be easily installed:

  1. The base is a 16.8 kg non penetrative base made from recycled rubber.
  2. The upright is 950 mmm high and manufactured from 304 stainless steel.  It’s trapezoidal in construction and has a powder coated finish in bright orange for maximum visibility.
  3. The chain is a 25 metre orange and black chain fabricated from polyethylene.
  4. The connector link is a split link used to join lengths of chain together.

This roof barrier system is classed as a type of Collective Protection in accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) hierarchy of risk management which is set out in the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR).  WAHR 2005 Part 3 describes the use of a demarcation system as an “example of taking other, additional suitable and sufficient measures to prevent a fall”.  In accordance with Regulations, the demarcation roof barrier system must be placed at a safe distance from the hazard – this is usually 2 metres or more.

 The D-marc flat roof fall protection barrier has been rigorously wind tunnel tested on a variety of roof surfaces, including single ply, concrete and bituminous and is able to resist wind speeds in excess of 105 miles per hour.  The system needs no specific training to install – there are complete instructions both on our website and included with the product.

Here at D-marc your safety is of paramount importance to us.  If you’re not sure which product to choose in order to ensure safe access for your workers to the roof of your premises, why not get in touch.  Our experienced team of experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you make the right choice for your premises.  Our aim is to provide our customers with simple and effective solutions to common access and safety problems so that they can fulfil their duty of care to workers required to work at height.

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