The Benefits of White Roofs

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The Benefits of White Roofs

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Urban areas tend to be about 15 to 20 degrees hotter than their suburban neighbours. Why? Because most roofing is black and so are the roads, bridges, sidewalks, and garages. When the sun shines on these black surfaces, they absorb and trap heat, heating up the buildings and the surroundings. 

This rise in temperature can be very problematic. It can cause stress on the power grid, greater risk of breathing problems, and increased population. These problems can even be worse in some cities, especially those struggling with high population, lack of vegetation and industrialisation. 

Fortunately, there can be a solution to this constantly growing problem. Have you ever thought about painting your roof with a solar reflective white coating? Well, recent studies have shown that white roofs can provide a lot of benefits. We’ve compiled a list of some of the benefits. Please read on.


  1. Reflects Sunlight

The materials that comprise most buildings and roads in urban areas absorb more solar radiation and reflect less than the vegetation they have replaced. The energy reflected is usually in the form of heat into the surrounding air. Asphalt, for instance, can reflect only about 4 per cent of sunlight, unlike natural grassland which can reflect up to 25 per cent. Painting a solar reflective coating on your roof can reflect up to 90 per cent of sunlight and emits up to 100 per cent of its absorbed thermal energy. 

It’s important to note that any work at height project can be very dangerous. You should ensure to follow all height safety guidelines for your safety. For instance, proper fall protection, such as a free-standing demarcation should be installed.


  1. Saves on Energy Costs

Urban areas have an overwhelming number of roofs that tend to create heat islands. These islands usually demand about 10 per cent of the energy used. This means more energy will be required to do nothing but compensate for the heat island effect. White roofs can also save on energy costs by decreasing air conditioning needs and lowering peak electricity demand that may otherwise result in power outages. This improves indoor comfort even in areas that are not air-conditioned, such as patios and garages.


  1. Increases the Lifespan of a Roof

White roofs have a much longer lifespan, almost twice as long as dark roofs. They require less care and maintenance as compared to black, non-reflective roofs. Cracks and warps are more frequent and common with black roofs due to heat extremes during the summer. Dark roofing materials can also absorb destructive UV from the sun that can damage the material hence reducing their lifespan.


  1. Reduces Pollution and Greenhouse Emissions

Various studies have shown that white roofing can help curb climate control. Installation of these roofing systems can result in a significant offset of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions. Smog, which is also common with the increase in temperature can be reduced by 10 per cent in urban areas. Shorter roofing lifespan also means frequent roof replacement will be required. This can generate millions of tons of roofing waste that end up in our landfills hence polluting the environment.

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