The Benefits of Installing Rooflights

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The Benefits of Installing Rooflights

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Installing rooflights on commercial and domestic properties is on the increase here in the UK as they offer the following benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency – we’re living in an age of climate change and we’re constantly being urged to do our part in protecting our environment and adopting a more eco-friendly way of living.  The situation has become so serious that governments around the world are collaborating to address the problem with legislation covering all aspects of our lives.  When it comes to buildings, sustainability and protection of the environment is a vital aspect.  Here in the UK, the Sustainable De4velopment Strategy is dedicated to ensuring that everybody has the right to a healthy, clean and safe environment.  Energy Performance Certificates are a legal requirement in the UK whenever a property is built, sold or rented.  Installing rooflights is a great way of maximising the use of a clean energy source, daylight.
  • Cost Efficiency – roof lights make financial sense as they will lead to a decrease in the need for electric lighting and so save on energy bills in the long term.  In the colder months, when the sun sets earlier, rooflights enable property owners to make the most of the limited hours of sunlight and during the summer months, may even avoid the need to use electric lighting completely.
  • Health Benefits – there are so many health benefits of exposure to natural light, with the Vitamin D production it provides being vital for efficient metabolic activity and for good bone and muscle health.  Natural light bolsters the immune system and regulates sleep cycles, leading to even more health benefits.  What’s more, it’s been proved that an increase in natural light can have a beneficial effect on mood and is often used as part of the treatment for depression.  Natural light lifts energy levels – this makes them a great addition to a home, but a particularly attractive addition to commercial and industrial premises as the increased energy will boost productivity.
  • Ventilation – modern rooflights are designed to open easily for ventilation purposes.  Opening the rooflights will enable the warm air that naturally rises in the building to be released, making the space below more comfortable and hospitable.
  • Access – some rooflights are designed to enable roof access to the space beyond.  If you need regular access to your flat roof (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?) in order to carry out inspections and regular maintenance work, selecting this type of rooflight is a cost-effective solution.  However, it must not be forgotten that regular access to a flat roof brings with it the responsibility to ensure that the roof is safe to access.  This can easily be achieved by installing a roof safety demarcation barrier system as a collective protection solution, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy this can be to do.

Having outlined the benefits involved in installing rooflights, next week we’re going to take a look at the rooflights that are available nowadays – modern designs that are suited to 21st Century living.  Don’t miss out – why not follow us on Facebook or Twitter and get a notification of all our news as it’s published?

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