The Benefits of a Flat Roof on Commercial or Industrial Premises

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The Benefits of a Flat Roof on Commercial or Industrial Premises

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Flat roofs are on the increase in the UK, especially on industrial and commercial premises.  While it may seem a little odd to opt for a flat roof in a country where we experience so much rain which needs to be diverted downwards and drain as rapidly as possible, there are many benefits to be enjoyed by choosing a flat roof.

Maintenance – because a flat roof has only a slight pitch (yep, they are designed to feature a slight angle to promote drainage), a flat roof is much easier and safer to access.  The ease of access means that a flat roof is easier to maintain than a pitched roof, making costly repairs easier to avoid.

Increased Lifespan – a flat roof is tough and durable and designed to survive the onslaught of the elements effectively, whether it's wind, rain, hail or snow.  A flat roof fabricated from high quality products and materials will usually have a life expectancy of 30 – 40 years, whilst a flat roof covered in a Hot Melt system will last up to 50 years.

Versatility – flat roofs are versatile in their design and cover the roof entirely whilst also offering extra space to the building owner.  Many commercial buildings feature solar panels on the roof or large units that are placed on the roof to free up more space in the premises below.  However, this means that regular access is required and building owners and duty holders should ensure that there is a suitable rooftop barrier system in place to protect workers who are expected to carry out any maintenance or other work on plant and equipment which is located on the roof.  A flat roof also means that there is a wide4 range of quality materials and techniques available for roof covering which can better suit the building itself and/or the environment.  For business owners who are conscious of their carbon footprint, many roofing systems nowadays make use of recyclable materials or you can even opt for a green, living roof to be installed.

Energy Efficiency – when a flat roof is professionally installed, thermally efficient materials that prevent heat loss through the roof can be chosen.  This will reduce the amount of energy necessary to both heat and cool the building below, this can represent a significant savings in energy bills over the lifetime of the roof.

Economical – one of the reasons for the growing popularity of a flat roof is that they are cost-efficient and fast to install, making them a cheaper option than a pitched roof.  When this is combined with the reduction in maintenance costs and the lower utility bills which are a result of the energy efficiency offered by a flat roof, opting for a flat roof is a sound business decision for most building owners.

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