What to do if you Discover Asbestos – Handy Flowchart

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What to do if you Discover Asbestos – Handy Flowchart

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Last week we brought you some information about asbestos, a deadly substance that continues to plague the construction industry here in the UK, despite the total ban on the use of asbestos and asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in 1999.  Asbestos is particularly relevant for the roofing industry companies and workers as it was a popular material for roofing (especially flat roofs) for many years and any company that is taking on repair or refurmishment of roofs needs to be aware of asbestos, the dangers it presents and what to do when it’s discovered durintg the course of work.  Today we have some advice on what you can do to provide solutions when asbestos is discovered.

We’ve put together a handy flow chart that you can use for instances when asbestos is found.  You’re welcome to download it, print it out and use – in fact, it would be handy to display it as a print out on staff break room walls as well.  Feel free to share the chart and link to it if you like.  As far as we’re concerned, here at D-marc, the more information available to make any sort of work at height safer, the better it is for all of working within this industry.


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