Up and Coming Construction Projects

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Up and Coming Construction Projects

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Despite the problems that the coronavirus pandemic has caused for the UK, not all productivity has stopped. Even with all the social distancing and queueing barriers in the supermarkets, some of our biggest and most impressive construction projects yet are still progressing onwards. We have therefore compiled a list of some of Great Britain's most interesting projects for your perusal - read on and find out what you have to look forwards to!


Liverpool Waters

Fans of Everton FC will surely know about the club's new 52,000-seat stadium currently under construction in Liverpool. The ambitious project aims to rejuvenate the city's northern docks by providing new residential, business, and leisure space in the city, and hopes to draw more visitors and tourists to the area. The project will be coupled with a new cruise liner terminal and a 200-bed hotel, both of which began construction this year. If you're a fan of Everton or are just looking for a nice day out, the opening of the new stadium and the surrounding leisure areas is something to mark down in your calendar!


Commonwealth Games Stadium

A long-awaited project, this is more of a series of developments than one big building. The Commonwealth Games reworks will include a £70m refurbishment of the Alexander Stadium and the construction of a new water park in Smethwick. Work was scheduled to begin in spring, however the park had run into some issues with overspending, with the cost increasing by £13m due to a rise in costs. Another part of the scheme is the athletes' village, which will cost around £350m. This project will breathe life into the sports industry in London and provide an amazing stage for the upcoming Commonwealth Games.


Hinkley Point C

Those of you in the construction industry may have heard of Hinkley Point C. It is Europe's largest construction site. Hinkley Point C is the site where two new nuclear reactors will be built, the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK. It aims to provide safe and clean low-carbon electricity for the country, which will no doubt do wonders for the government's recent initiatives to lower pollution across the nation. Work on the site has been going on for over 2 years, and may go for a few more before construction finishes.


MSG Sphere

The MSG Sphere is a spherical venue which will stand at 90m tall in Madison Square in London. It will be an entertainment venue twinned with a similar sphere in Vegas, also called the MSG Sphere. The London sphere will be covered in triangular LED panels showcasing videos, concerts, images, and adverts on its exterior for all in the Olympic Park area to see. With planning set to complete this year, the venue will be completed early in the 2020s, so keep an eye open for more shining lights in London.

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