6 Ways You Can Renovate Your Loft Space Into A Space You’ll Love Spending Time In

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6 Ways You Can Renovate Your Loft Space Into A Space You’ll Love Spending Time In

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Do you have an extra space just below your roof that can be converted to something useful but are unsure what, exactly, can you make out of it? Well, worry no more. Read on to explore some of the exciting options to take advantage of that extra space. 

  1. A Bathroom

Your day at work or attending to some important activity could be filled with exhausting and stressful episodes. Your loft space can be a good place to relax and forget all the stress of the day in a relaxing hot tub. In fact, going up the stairs to take a bath will be like entering a different world. You may first need to have new plumbing fixtures installed. For a luxurious bathroom, consider adding wall-to-wall mirrors and relevant lighting to make it cosy and give it an aesthetic appeal. When accessing the roof, especially during the construction process, ensure to install a proper roof edge demarcation for your safety when working at height. 

  1. Children’s Study Room

The loft space can make a really nice study room where your children can study and do their homework. Here, they’ll hardly get distracted by the TV or pets. Ensure to have proper studying chairs and desks for kids, and efficient lighting. Consider adding a cupboard and shelves for them to keep their books and stationery supplies. You may also decorate it according to their needs, but see to it that it doesn’t become a distraction. 

  1. A Bedroom

Guests are a blessing, and you’ll have them in your home once in a while. And letting them sleep on the couch when you don’t have a guest room may not always be a great idea. It can even be more uncomfortable when it’s your parents or someone respectable visiting. But why go through all this hassle when you have just enough space on your attic to make a spare bedroom? You can also renovate the space to a children’s bedroom for your teenage children.  

  1. Storage Space

Have you thought about renovating your loft space into a storage space where you can put junk piling up in your house with no space to store them? Well, the loft space can actually provide a perfect solution to your worries. You can store your things in storage boxes and label them for convenience when you need to get a particular thing from the store. You can use boarding method when converting - it’s cheap and efficient for storage space renovation.

  1. A Chill-Out Zone

Lofts are usually quiet - ideal for a perfect chill-out zone. You can come to chill here alone or with your friend when they come to visit. Adding potted plants, yoga mats, and non-slip soft rugs can help make the place more interesting. You may also consider adding a bookshelf with books on mind, body, and spiritual health to add a taste of a perfect chill-out zone.

  1. An Office Space

Are you working from home and or on a big project that requires less or zero disturbance? If yes, having a home office upstairs on your loft can be the best idea. So, if you’re running a business from home and you have a potential loft space, you can furnish it with ergonomic office furniture for an awesome home office experience. You may also add soft seats and a tea/coffee station in your office - they may come in handy when you’re taking a break.  

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