5 Amazing Ideas for Your Building’s Flat Roof

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5 Amazing Ideas for Your Building’s Flat Roof

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Flat roofs have been known to be a smart way to cut down on commercial space and construction costs. They are a creative part of many commercial and residential buildings. There are several design ideas that you can consider for your flat roof to make it more functional and aesthetically appealing. We’ve prepared a list of some of the amazing ideas for a well-built, well-maintained flat roof, regardless of whether you’re envisioning a typical flat roof, living roof, a patio space, or an ultimate rooftop barbeque party. These ideas will enable you to get the best flat roof space for your property. But first, it’s important to ensure you install the right fall protection system, such as a post and chain barrier, for your safety while traversing the rooftop.

1. Employee Common Space

A majority of the commercial buildings normally feature a flat roof. This type of roofing often helps save precious space and makes it easy and convenient to add more levels to the structure. Unfortunately, many building owners rarely exploit this usable space. You can easily convert your office rooftop into a fantastic employee common space. You’ll need a proper railing, comfortable tables and chairs, and healthy potted plants. The result will be a spacious break room that can be used by employees to relax or during special events.

2. Residential Decking

Have you considered using your flat roofing at home as decking? If not, you might want to consider having one. All you need to do to achieve this is to construct a railing around your roof and install a doorway from a close room. Whether you have a small or large roof, this idea can help turn your flat roof into a useful and amazing outdoor space. If your structure has many levels of roofing, you may decide to add small decks for each level and the wraparound balcony. Private decks can raise the value of your home and also helps keep the inhabitants of your property entertained.

3. Sod Insulation

The living or green roof provides environmentally-friendly insulation for the structure. A modern flat roof leaves no cavity between the living space underneath and the upper layers. Sod insulation can be very effective for areas that experience increased cold temperatures, especially during the winter. It is a cost-effective and long-lasting roofing solution that can help hold in the warmth of your property. Plus, it can help to efficiently deal with excess rainwater.

4. Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens are a great way to draw in nature’s beauty and keep a garden that promotes sustainability. You can decide to plant vegetables, flowers or herbs in the garden, so long as you have enough roof space, sunlight, soil, and water. It’s recommended that you plant varieties that thrive in your local climate at all seasons. Herbs, grasses, and perennial plants can last significantly longer, unlike flowers and vegetables which take about one to two seasons before replacement.

5. Party Area

Your office or home rooftop can make a good place to host parties on beautiful summers. You can design the rooftop space as per your preferences and needs. You may add picnic tables, a barbeque, or greeneries to make it more user-friendly and appealing. You may also add a cooler for the drinks and music systems to make the parties livelier. If you intend to invite children to the party, you can install a rooftop swing-set to keep them happy and occupied while you enjoy your time.

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