Roof Walker System & Flat Roof Fall Protection Barrier

flat roof fall protection barrier

Roof Walker System (Flat roof fall protection barrier)

Roof Walker provides a cost-effective roof walkway that is easy to install without needing to fix or penetrate the roof.

Roofwalker is manufactured from an anti-slip, fully recycled material cut to individual tile sizes of 100 x 60 x 3 cm, which are black with a marked contrasting yellow stripe along both long edges to delineate a walkway.

On the underside of the tiles, they have a profile that facilitates the flow of water and the ability to spread the pressure of the person trafficking them making this a great protection barrier.

The individual tile weight is 18 kg and, when fixed together using the bespoke fixing clip the Flat roof fall protection barrier forms a continuous anti-slip walkway. Roofwalker can be placed directly on to the roof surface, without fear of causing damage to the roof material, whilst the yellow stripe arrangement denotes a safe trafficking area.

Combining our protection barriers with the flat roof walkways is the best way to prevent falls from occurring. 

Roof Walker provides a practical solution for those who, whilst not directly responsible for the maintenance of the roof, need to traffic across it to carry out maintenance or inspections on any plant situated on the roof. 
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